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Associate Degree

What can you accomplish in 3 months?

"90-Day Degree helped me accomplish my goals because I was finally able to work at my own pace. I enjoyed the various activities and the ability to do them on my schedule."

Right for you?

The Board of Governors Associate of Applied Science degree is for...

  • Adults who graduated high school 2 or more years ago.

  • Adults who have never finished a degree.

  • Always wanted an associate's degree.

  • Are looking for an exceptional value.

No Student Loan Debt!

Move at the speed of budget

Your degree will cost about 1/10th of what most students pay for an associate's degree. You'll take courses that cost about $25 per credit.

90-Day Degree

What you'll get

  • Weekly check lists telling you EXACTLY what you'll need to do so you graduate on time.

  • Bite-sized lessons you can complete in about 1 hour per day.

  • Budget and Cost downloadable worksheet.

  • Strategies for designing an Area of Emphasis for your degree.

  • A personal degree planning worksheet to keep track of your progress.

  • LIVE group event for your cohort where you'll get my best strategies and extra support.

  • Guidance finding old transcripts and credits to use for this degree.

  • 30% off your Study.com's College Accelerator plan for up to 45 new college credits.

  • 100% discount vouchers through Modern States to cover the full cost of your CLEP exams.

  • My guarantee that if you don't finish your degree in 6 months, I'll personally work with you 1 on 1 until you do!

Achieve your personal and professional goals!

90-Day Curriculum

    1. Welcome to HS4CC Academy

    2. Video: Welcome!

    3. Video: Budget & Costs

    4. Budget & Costs

    5. The Loophole Video

    6. Video: Week 1

    7. Day 1: Application Day

    8. Day 2: Research Day

    9. Video: Area of Emphasis

    10. Day 3: Records Day

    11. Day 4: Modern States Day

    12. Day 5: Planning Day

    13. Day 6: CLEP Prep Day

    14. Day 7: Test Day!

    15. Email Support

    1. Video: Week 2

    2. Day 8: Learning Stack #1

    3. Video Learning Stacks

    4. Learning Stacks

    5. Day 9: Learning Stack Day

    6. Day 10: Learning Stack Day

    7. Day 11: Learning Stack Day

    8. Video: Learning Stack 1

    9. Day 12: Learning Stack Day

    10. Day 13: Placement Test Strategy

    11. Day 14: Learning Stack Day

    1. Video: Week 3

    2. Week 3: Looking ahead

    3. Week 4: Closing Duties

    4. Video: What's my GPA?

    5. Pop Quiz

    1. Video: Week 5

    2. Week 5: Progress & FAQ

    3. Short Stacks

    4. Learning Stacks

    5. Week 6: Administrative Tasks

    6. Week 6: Survey

    1. Video: Week 7

    2. Week 7: Administrative Tasks

    3. Video: RA Look-up

    4. Video: General Education Planner

    5. Week 8: General Education Planner

    6. Week 8: Closing Duties

    1. Video: Olivet Tutorial

    2. Week 9: Administrative Tasks

    3. Weeks 9-10

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 57 lessons
  • For adults
  • High school diploma required


About the degree

  • Can someone really get a degree in 90-days?

    Most people can't, but we will. Using a simple day-by-day planner, learning stack strategies, and accelerated learning strategies, our cohort will complete this degree from scratch in 90 days.

  • What kind of degree is this?

    The Associate of Applied Science degree can be used in your employment search for any position in which the minimum expectation is an earned Associate degree aka "2-year degree."

  • Is this degree legit?

    Absolutely!! Your degree will be awarded by Pierpont Career and Technical College. Pierpont is a regionally accredited college in Fairmont, West Virginia. The Board of Governors in West Virginia developed this option for adults who needed alternatives to traditional college.

  • Who is this degree for?

    This class is for ADULTS who graduated from high school 2 or more years ago. That requirement is set by the state of West Virginia, not me.

  • Who awards my degree?

    Pierpont Community and Technical College in Fairmont, West Virginia. (YES! You can even walk in the graduation ceremony if you like!)

  • Why can't I just take classes at Pierpont?

    You could, but that's the slowest and most expensive route (2+ years). Pierpont will only advise you on which of THEIR classes meet their requirements. By leveraging alternative college credits, you'll finish in 90 days.

  • What costs are involved?

    This degree from Pierpont costs nothing. The costs you'll incur for this degree are wholly dependent on how many credits you need to meet their graduation requirements. You can calculate $25 per credit for every credit you need (up to a max of 60 credits when you start from scratch).

  • Do I need to apply for financial aid?

    No. You'll pay cash for your credits as you need to earn them. If your budget is very tight, we'll stretch your timeline out longer than 90 days to make it more financially manageable.

About this class

  • Is this class affiliated with Pierpont C&TC?

    Not at all! This is an independently written guide and in no way affiliated with Pierpont. This is to your advantage! Colleges are not in the business of outsourcing their classes to someone else or helping you find cheaper alternatives.

  • How will this class help me?

    This class is a step-by-step roadmap that plans the exact courses you need, and in the correct order, to accelerate the degree completion process. You'll also have access to me and other students in your cohort for support.

  • Will this really work?

    Of course! Pierpont Community and Technical College is very transparent in the courses and credits you can use for this degree. While Pierpont has the final say on every class or credit's acceptance, choosing tried and true options is your best bet for getting all of your credits to work perfectly.

  • Can I work slower? Or faster?

    Of course! The schedule in this course was written to get you from application to graduation in 90 days. Since you'll have access to the full curriculum immediately, you can work at any pace that suits you.

  • What kind of support should I expect?

    During the 90 days that the enrollment is active (Sept/Oct/Nov), I will host several live group coaching events for your cohort. Attendance is optional but serves as an opportunity for you to get extra support from me, ask questions, and connect with others.

  • What if I don't finish in 90-days?

    Getting into college is easy, but getting out is hard!! Life happens! If you haven't earned your degree in 6 months, I will personally work with you one on one to get you graduated! I want this for you too, so let's get going!

Fall Courses

Enroll before November 27, 2022

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