• Instructors for this Course

    Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, MS & Danika Recore

    College credit experts, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa and Danika Recore, team up for the first time to bring you a comprehensive Masterclass for High-Credit Earners. Jennifer is a former college administrator and author of the best-selling book Homeschooling for College Credit. She serves as Executive Director of the Homeschooling for College Credit organization, which serves over 16,000 families. Danika is a highly accomplished degree planner and transcript evaluator, having built over 1,000 degree plans for colleges and students all across the country.

    Jennifer Cook DeRosa, M.S. and Danika Recore

    Jennifer Cook DeRosa, M.S. and Danika Recore

3 Mistakes Parents Make

Homeschooling for College Credit

  • Waiting to start

    Many parents don't realize their high school curriculum may be identical to a freshman college course. Instead of taking (and paying for) a course twice, we'll help you resourcefully plan for courses that meet both high school and college requirements simultaneously.

  • Borrowing too soon

    Some of you have access to free or reduced tuition while in high school, but everyone has access to low-cost alternatives. With proper guidance, your teen can complete their first 90 credits (3 years) for $3,000 or less. We'll help you save your college fund for their final year.

  • Too little transfer credit

    Colleges have no incentive to help you save time and money, but we know that maximizing a college's transfer policy is an exceptional opportunity for you to save tens of thousands of dollars. As a former college student advisor, Jennifer loves to teach parents the art and science of transfer credit.

This Program Includes

One big, ambitious goal

  • MASTERCLASS - The first comprehensive course of its kind! Jennifer and Danika teach you how to apply their time and money-saving strategies at any college in the country. Each of the 9 lessons cover important nuances of course selection that improve your chances of success.

  • DEGREE PLANNING- Private collaboration sessions with the country's leading degree planning experts, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa and Danika Recore. They'll help you plan every detail of your teen's degree to maximize savings and minimize cost.

  • DEGREE PLANNING #2 - Have a second student? No problem, your second student will get the same private collaboration sessions as your first.

  • PODCAST - For members only! This 9-part series launches you into each lesson with an engaging and thought-provoking podcast.

  • WORKBOOKS- Nine full-color workbooks you can download to any device and printable versions for you to keep.

  • MEMBERSHIP - Support and encouragement in our private Facebook community for High-Credit Earners.

  • BONUS - Loads of bonus content, worksheets, videos, posters, checklists, and more!

  • EMAIL SUPPORT - personal support, encouragement, and guidance when you need it.

High-Credit Earner Masterclass with Degree Planning

Homeschooling for College Credit

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Masterclass Curriculum

Planning for Success

  • 02
    Lesson 1: The Big 3
    Show Content
    • Your Private Facebook Group
    • Lesson 1 Podcast
    • Lesson 1 Podcast Transcript
    • Lesson 1 Workbook
    • Lesson 1 Workbook (printable)
    • Big 3 Comparison Poster
    • Lesson 1 Task Summary
  • 03
    Lesson 2: English Composition & Speech
    Show Content
    • Lesson 2 Podcast
    • Lesson 2 Podcast Transcript
    • Lesson 2 Workbook
    • Lesson 2 Workbook (printable)
    • Online vs On campus Poster
    • Lesson 2 Task Summary
  • 04
    Lesson 3: Mathematics & Statistics
    Show Content
    • Lesson 3 Podcast
    • Lesson 3 Podcast Transcript
    • Lesson 3 Workbook
    • Lesson 3 Workbook (printable)
    • Math Resources We Love Poster
    • Lesson 3 Task Summary
  • 05
    Lesson 4: High Transfer Colleges
    Show Content
    • Lesson 4 Podcast
    • Lesson 4 Podcast Transcript
    • Lesson 4 Workbook
    • Lesson 4 Workbook (printable)
    • High Transfer Makes $ense
    • Lesson 4 Cost Worksheet
    • Lesson 4 Task Summary
  • 06
    Degree Planning Collaboration Checkpoint
    Show Content
    • Degree planning self-check
    • Introduction to Degree Planning
    • Collaboration Checkpoint 1
  • 07
    Bonus Lesson
    Show Content
    • Your High School Transcript so Far
  • 08
    Lesson 5: Science & Labs
    Show Content
    • Lesson 5 Podcast
    • Lesson 5 Podcast Transcript
    • Lesson 5 Workbook
    • Lesson 5 Workbook (printable)
    • What's Your Major? Here's Your Science!
    • Lesson 5 Task Summary
  • 09
    Lesson 6: Humanities
    Show Content
    • Lesson 6 Podcast
    • Lesson 6 Podcast Transcript
    • Lesson 6 Workbook
    • Lesson 6 Workbook (printable)
    • Benefiting Humanity
    • Lesson 6 Task Summary
  • 10
    Lesson 7: Social Sciences
    Show Content
    • Lesson 7 Podcast
    • Lesson 7 Podcast Transcript
    • Lesson 7 Workbook
    • Lesson 7 Workbook (printable)
    • Parental Guidance Poster
    • Lesson 7 Task Summary
  • 11
    Degree Planning Collaboration Checkpoint
    Show Content
    • Collaboration Checkpoint 2
  • 12
    Bonus Lesson
    Show Content
    • Your HS Transcript so Far
    • Sample HS Transcript
  • 13
    Lesson 8: Associate Degrees
    Show Content
    • Lesson 8 Associate Degrees
  • 14
    Degree Planning Collaboration Checkpoint
    Show Content
    • Collaboration Checkpoint 3
  • 15
    Lesson 9: Exit Strategies
    Show Content
    • Lesson 9: Exit Strategies
  • 16
    Degree Planning (Teen #2)
    Show Content
    • Collaboration Checkpoint 1 (Teen #2)
    • Collaboration Checkpoint 2 (Teen #2)
    • Collaboration Checkpoint 3 (Teen #2)

Ordinary teens doing extraordinary things

“Associate in Science at the age of 17! He graduated with High Honors and is headed to North Carolina State University. Jennifer Cook DeRosa, thank you for sharing your wealth of information with us! We started dual enrollment in 10th grade at a local private college, then in 11th and 12th, he took exclusively dual enrollment classes at local community college. He has also a side business of landscaping and lawn maintenance. -Jane G. ”

“My daughter is an official college graduate! Her Bachelor of Arts in English from Thomas Edison State University was conferred today! She got her first 3 credits 5 yrs ago the day before she turned 14 from a CLEP test. That motivated her to keep going! She’s our 2nd child to graduate from Thomas Edison State University at 18. Take the leap with your first CLEP/DSST or dual credit class. You can do it too!! -Misti K.”

“My son, firstborn of seven, just graduated from law school at age 21. Law school was the first time he ever set foot in a classroom! Using the methods that we learn about here in Homeschooling for College Credit, my son completed his bachelor’s degree from Thomas Edison State University at age 18. He was a history major at Thomas Edison, and in addition to his classes there, he obtained credit through very cheap community college classes, CLEP tests, DSST tests, and FEMA classes. After Thomas Edison and scoring well on the LSAT, my son was offered full scholarships from three law schools. -Susan P.”

“My daughter graduated with her Bachelors in English two weeks before her 18th birthday and we walked side by side in commencement in September. My daughter was accepted to her dream school in New York and is working on a second degree that she will finish next spring. I completed a BA in Liberal Studies. We have no college debt thanks to being resourcefully planned using Jennifer’s book. My degree cost was $7,099 for 122 credits and my daughter’s degree was $8,100 for 120 credits. -Karen & Katie P.”

“This is my oldest Addison, a graduate from the Harvard University Extension School. This simply would never have happened without the early positive feedback from Jennifer. It was really a dream come true. She graduated with honors ALB in English with dual minors in Government and Management. It would not have been possible without her taking CLEP, excelling at the Community College level (which earned her a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship which covered most of her Harvard education), and always following through with her studies. I guess that I might have spent $5,000 on her entire college education over time thanks to Jennifer Cook-DeRosa. -Michael H.”

“My personal success with Homeschooling for College Credit: My daughter graduated last night from our local community college thanks to CLEPs and dual enrollment. And today is her official high school graduation date. Homeschooling for College Credit for the win! She’s going to Truman State in the fall. She still qualifies as a freshman since she graduated before I issued her high school diploma. -Victoria V. ”


About the Program

  • What is included in the price?

    When you enroll in the High-Credit Earner program, you'll receive immediate access to everything! The full Mastercourse, podcasts, workbooks, posters, bonus content, private Facebook group, and degree planning are all at your fingertips.

  • How long does it take to complete the program?

    The program is self-paced, so you can go as fast or as slow as you like. You can complete the Masterclass anytime, and begin degree planning when the time is right for your teen. If you complete the course as your teen earns college credit, it may take a year or more to finish every lesson.

  • Is this a program for me or for my kids?

    This is a program for you! We believe that parents make the best guidance counselors, and this program is designed to equip you with tools and skills to resourcefully plan for your entire family.

  • Does this program include degree planning?

    Absolutely! Degree planning is an important benefit of your membership. As you progress, you'll have personal support and encouragement from Jennifer and her team.

  • Is my information, or my teen's information, shared with others?

    We respect your privacy and do not share your information with anyone.

  • What if I have questions or get stuck?

    Your instructors, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa and Danika Recore, are both standing by and ready to help. If you need help at any time, the upper right corner of your screen has a support button that sends an email directly to Jennifer.

  • Will I receive anything in the mail?

    No, this product is 100% digital which gives you immediate access online. All of our workbooks and guides are provided in high-quality color photo versions as well as a plain printable version for you to print at home.

  • How old should my teen be when I register?

    There is no age limit or grade level required to enroll, however, we ask that your teen have some college credit prior to enrolling. Families who have not yet begun to earn college credit should start by reading Homeschooling for College Credit, 2nd edition.

  • Can I use this program for my whole family?

    Yes! Our goal is to make a degree planner out of you! The Masterclass and collaboration sessions with Jennifer and Danika will take your teen all the way through the degree planning process. At the end of the course, we’ve included an additional set of collaboration sessions to use with your second teen. At that point, we're confident that you'll have the knowledge, skill, and resources to plan additional degrees like a pro. If you get stuck, we are always available to answer your questions via email.