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  • Private coaching builds a relationship that lasts until your student graduates with their degree. Whether you need us for 1 semester or 4 years, your fee covers you trough the end.

  • Every private coaching family receives all 9 courses as part of their program. If you've already purchased the courses, any payments you've made will be applied to your coaching fee.

  • Tight budget? That's our specialty. We'll help you save tens of thousands of dollars- guaranteed!

Private coaching PLUS all 9 Degree Planning courses!


  • 01

    How this Class Works

    • Limitations of this Content

    • Course Syllabus

    • Syllabus (printable)

    • User Agreement

  • 02

    COURSE 1: Top 3 Recommended Colleges

    • Our Degree Planning Community

    • Podcast: The Big 3

    • Podcast Transcript

    • eBook: The Big 3

    • eBook: The Big 3 (printable)

    • The Big 3 Comparison Graph

    • Course Tasks

  • 03


    • Charter Oak State College NEW RULE

  • 04

    COURSE 2: The Most Important Classes

    • Podcast: Don't Skip Writing

    • Podcast Transcript

    • eBook: English Composition & Speech

    • eBook: English Composition & Speech (printable)

    • Online vs On campus Poster

    • Course Tasks

  • 05

    COURSE 3: How Much Math?

    • Podcast: The Least Amount of Math You Need

    • Podcast Transcript

    • eBook: Finding Mathematics and Statistics Courses

    • eBook: Finding Mathematics and Statistics Courses (printable)

    • Math Resources We Love

    • Course Tasks

  • 06

    COURSE 4: The Next 9 Recommended Colleges

    • Podcast: Pay the Least Tuition Possible

    • Podcast Transcript

    • eBook: The Next 9 High-Transfer Colleges

    • eBook: The Next 9 High-Transfer Colleges (printable)

    • High Transfer Makes $ense

    • Tuition Transfer Cost Worksheet

    • Course Tasks

  • 07

    BONUS LESSON: Recording Credit Properly

    • Your High School Transcript so Far

  • 08

    COURSE 5: Avoiding Mistakes in Science

    • Podcast: Avoiding Mistakes in Science

    • Podcast Transcript

    • eBook: Avoiding Mistakes in Science

    • eBook: Avoiding Mistakes in Science (printable)

    • What's Your Major? Here's Your Science!

    • Course Tasks

  • 09

    COURSE 6: Meeting Your Humanities Requirements

    • Podcast: Meeting Your Humanities Requirements

    • Podcast Transcript

    • eBook: Meeting Your Humanities Requirements

    • eBook: Meeting Your Humanities Requirements (printable)

    • Benefiting Humanity

    • Course Tasks

  • 10

    COURSE 7: Parental Guidance Suggested in Social Science

    • Podcast: Provocative by Design

    • Podcast Transcript

    • eBook: Parental Guidance Suggested in the Social Sciences

    • eBook: Parental Guidance Suggested in the Social Sciences (printable)

    • Parental Guidance by Subject

    • Course Tasks

  • 11

    BONUS LESSON: Recording Credit Properly

    • Your HS Transcript so Far

    • Sample HS Transcript

  • 12

    COURSE 8: Associate Degree

    • Podcast: The Associate Degree

    • Podcast transcript

    • eBook: The Associate Degree

    • eBook: The Associate Degree (printable)

    • 2 Sample Degree Plans

    • Course Tasks

  • 13

    COURSE 9: Bachelor's Degree

    • Video: What is an Exit Strategy?

    • eBook: The Bachelor Degree

    • eBook: The Bachelor Degree(printable)

    • Video: What is a Cornerstone and Capstone?

    • Sources of Upper-Level Credit

    • What About Networking?

    • Course Tasks

  • 14

    Free eBook

    • Alternative Credit Providers

  • 15

    Private Coaching: Start Your Degree Plan!

    • Degree planning self-check

    • Introduction to Degree Planning

    • Video: How to check a college's CLEP policy

    • Assignment: Collaboration Checkpoint 1

  • 16

    Private Coaching: Planning the Rest of Your General Eds

    • Assignment: Collaboration Checkpoint 2

  • 17

    Private Coaching: Courses for Your Major

    • Assignment: Collaboration Checkpoint 3

  • 18

    Private Coaching: Perfecting Your Plan!

    • Assignment: Final Collaboration Checkpoint

Ordinary teens doing extraordinary things

“Associate in Science at the age of 17! He graduated with High Honors and is headed to North Carolina State University. -Jane G. ”

“Her Bachelor of Arts in English from Thomas Edison State University was conferred today! She’s our 2nd child to graduate from Thomas Edison State University at 18. -Misti K.”

“My daughter graduated with her Bachelors in English two weeks before her 18th birthday and we walked side by side in commencement. I completed a BA in Liberal Studies. We have no college debt! -Karen & Katie P.”

“Using the methods that we learn about here, my son completed his bachelor’s degree from Thomas Edison State University at age 18. After scoring well on the LSAT, my son was offered full scholarships from three law schools. -Susan P.”

“My oldest Addison is a graduate from the Harvard University Extension School. It was really a dream come true. I spent $5,000 on her entire college education over time thanks to Jennifer Cook-DeRosa. -Michael H.”

“My daughter graduated last night from our local college. Homeschooling for College Credit for the win! She’s going to Truman State in the fall and still qualifies as a freshman. -Victoria V. ”


About the Program

  • Who is private coaching for?

    Completing college requirements in high school can be tricky. Our private coaching is for high school parents who want expert support and guidance through the entire degree completion process.

  • What if my teen has learning challenges?

    We've had enormous success helping students earn a college degree who otherwise may not have been able to. We can help you identify low-stress, self-paced, learn-at-home courses that build 75%-95% of your teen's college degree under your guidance and with accommodations.

  • How old should my teen be when we start?

    Students of any age can earn college credit, but degree planning and completion work best if your student is in high school and at least 16 years of age or older.

  • Can I accelerate my teen's degree?

    Yes! We'll guide you through course completion options that cut down the time it takes to earn a traditional college degree.

  • What about PSAT, SAT, or ACT exams?

    If you choose one of the 12 colleges we recommend, there is no admissions testing required. Other colleges may have admissions exam requirements.

  • Is my information, or my teen's information, shared with others?

    We respect your privacy and do not share your information with anyone.

  • How long is the program?

    Our relationship with you starts immediately and continues until your teen graduates from college.

  • Does private coaching save me money?

    We're confident that you'll become an educated and well-informed homeschool guidance counselor by the time you've completed all 9 courses, but that's when our mastery kicks in. From that point, we'll make sure you're not only saving money, but saving the MOST money possible on the degree you're targeting. We're confident that we can save you tens of thousands of dollars in tuition - if we can't, we'll give you a full refund.

Resourceful planning beats a scholarship

Rack rate tuition = advertised price

Instructors for this Course

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, MS & Danika Recore

This course is taught by college credit solution experts: Jennifer Cook-DeRosa and Danika Recore. Jennifer is a former college administrator and author of the best-selling book Homeschooling for College Credit. Danika is a highly accomplished degree planner and transcript evaluator, having built over 1,000 degree plans for colleges and students all across the country.

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S. and Danika Recore