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Student loan crisis hits homeschoolers

  • College tuition continues to rise every year

  • Average students don't get full ride scholarships

  • Students, parents, and grandparents are borrowing more than ever

  • Student loans compromise your future, your family, and your career for decades

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Masterclass Curriculum

Planning for Success

  • 01
    How this Class Works
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  • 02
    DIY Degree Planning
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    • Introduction to Degree Planning
    • Video: How to check a college's CLEP policy
  • 03
    Recommended Colleges (part 1)
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    • Our Degree Planning Community
    • Podcast: Top 3 Colleges
    • Podcast Transcript
    • eBook: The Big 3
    • Lesson 1 Workbook (printable)
    • Big 3 Comparison Poster
    • Lesson 1 Task Summary
  • 04
    The 3 Most Important Classes
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    • Podcast: Don't Skip Writing
    • Podcast Transcript
    • eBook: English Composition & Speech
    • Lesson 2 Workbook (printable)
    • Online vs On campus Poster
    • Lesson 2 Task Summary
  • 05
    How Much Math is Required?
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    • Podcast: The Least Amount of Math You Need
    • Podcast Transcript
    • eBook: Finding Mathematics & Statistics Courses
    • Lesson 3 Workbook (printable)
    • Math Resources We Love
    • Lesson 3 Task Summary
  • 06
    Recommended Colleges (part 2)
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    • Podcast: Pay the Least Tuition Possible!
    • Podcast Transcript
    • eBook: 9 High Credit Transfer Colleges
    • Lesson 4 Workbook (printable)
    • High Transfer Makes $ense
    • Tuition Transfer Cost Worksheet
    • Lesson 4 Task Summary
  • 07
    Recording Credit Properly
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    • Your High School Transcript so Far
  • 08
    Avoiding Mistakes in Science
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    • Podcast: Science Planning is all About Your Major
    • Podcast Transcript
    • eBook: Exploring the Natural and Physical Sciences
    • Lesson 5 Workbook (printable)
    • What's Your Major? Here's Your Science!
    • Lesson 5 Task Summary
  • 09
    Meeting Your Humanities Requirements
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    • Podcast: A Tour Through the Fine Arts
    • Podcast Transcript
    • eBook: The Best Art, Language, and Philosophy Courses
    • Lesson 6 Workbook (printable)
    • Benefiting Humanity
    • Lesson 6 Task Summary
  • 10
    Parental Guidance Suggested: Meeting Social Science Requirements
    Show Content
    • Podcast: Provocative by Design
    • Podcast Transcript
    • eBook: Finding Courses for Behavioral Science, History, and Government
    • Lesson 7 Workbook (printable)
    • Parental Guidance Poster
    • Lesson 7 Task Summary
  • 11
    Recording Credit Properly
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    • Your HS Transcript so Far
    • Sample HS Transcript
  • 12
    Think You Want an Associate's Degree?
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    • Podcast: The Associate Degree Dilemma
    • Podcast transcript
    • eBook: Build a Perfect Associate Degree Plan
    • Lesson 8 Workbook (printable)
    • Sample "Test-out" Degree Plans
    • Lesson 8 Task Summary
  • 13
    Get Them OUT of College!
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    • What About Networking?
    • eBook: Your Exit Strategy
    • Lesson 9 Workbook (printable)

Ordinary teens doing extraordinary things

“Associate in Science at the age of 17! He graduated with High Honors and is headed to North Carolina State University. Jennifer Cook DeRosa, thank you for sharing your wealth of information with us! We started dual enrollment in 10th grade at a local private college, then in 11th and 12th, he took exclusively dual enrollment classes at local community college. He has also a side business of landscaping and lawn maintenance. -Jane G. ”

“My daughter is an official college graduate! Her Bachelor of Arts in English from Thomas Edison State University was conferred today! She got her first 3 credits 5 yrs ago the day before she turned 14 from a CLEP test. That motivated her to keep going! She’s our 2nd child to graduate from Thomas Edison State University at 18. Take the leap with your first CLEP/DSST or dual credit class. You can do it too!! -Misti K.”

“My son, firstborn of seven, just graduated from law school at age 21. Law school was the first time he ever set foot in a classroom! Using the methods that we learn about here in Homeschooling for College Credit, my son completed his bachelor’s degree from Thomas Edison State University at age 18. He was a history major at Thomas Edison, and in addition to his classes there, he obtained credit through very cheap community college classes, CLEP tests, DSST tests, and FEMA classes. After Thomas Edison and scoring well on the LSAT, my son was offered full scholarships from three law schools. -Susan P.”

“My daughter graduated with her Bachelors in English two weeks before her 18th birthday and we walked side by side in commencement in September. My daughter was accepted to her dream school in New York and is working on a second degree that she will finish next spring. I completed a BA in Liberal Studies. We have no college debt thanks to being resourcefully planned using Jennifer’s book. My degree cost was $7,099 for 122 credits and my daughter’s degree was $8,100 for 120 credits. -Karen & Katie P.”

“This is my oldest Addison, a graduate from the Harvard University Extension School. This simply would never have happened without the early positive feedback from Jennifer. It was really a dream come true. She graduated with honors ALB in English with dual minors in Government and Management. It would not have been possible without her taking CLEP, excelling at the Community College level (which earned her a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship which covered most of her Harvard education), and always following through with her studies. I guess that I might have spent $5,000 on her entire college education over time thanks to Jennifer Cook-DeRosa. -Michael H.”

“My personal success with Homeschooling for College Credit: My daughter graduated last night from our local community college thanks to CLEPs and dual enrollment. And today is her official high school graduation date. Homeschooling for College Credit for the win! She’s going to Truman State in the fall. She still qualifies as a freshman since she graduated before I issued her high school diploma. -Victoria V. ”


About the Program

  • Who is this class for?

    This program is for parents who want to learn how to avoid student loan debt through resourceful degree planning.

  • How old should my teen be when we start?

    If your teen is working at the high school level, he's ready!

  • Can I use this program for my whole family?

    Yes! Once you learn how to degree plan, you'll be qualified to plan degrees for your entire family! If you've purchased private coaching, we'll help you plan degrees for up to 2 students.

  • What if I have questions or get stuck?

    Each lesson has a "help" button that sends an email directly to your instructors.

  • Is my information, or my teen's information, shared with others?

    We respect your privacy and do not share your information with anyone.

  • How long does the course take?

    The class is self-paced but can be completed in about a month. If you've purchased private coaching, that is provided until your student(s) graduates college.

  • What if I want private coaching?

    You can upgrade your course to include private coaching at any time. Private coaching includes a money-back guarantee.

  • Instructors for this Course

    Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, MS & Danika Recore

    This course is taught by the top two college credit solution experts in the country: Jennifer Cook-DeRosa and Danika Recore. Jennifer is a former college administrator and author of the best-selling book Homeschooling for College Credit. She serves as Executive Director of the Homeschooling for College Credit organization, which helps thousands of families earn college credit (with cash) every year. Danika is a highly accomplished degree planner and transcript evaluator, having built over 1,000 degree plans for colleges and students all across the country.

    Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S. and Danika Recore

    Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S. and Danika Recore