Resourceful High School Planning

Homeschooling for College Credit

  • Sandra

    "My 17-year-old graduated high school this week with 42 college credits. All of your detailed information and advice made it possible. Thank you so much”

  • Kristen

    "Just want to say THANK YOU!! Without your guidance, we wouldn’t have achieved what we have. My oldest is 3 classes away from her associate’s degree"

  • Rena

    "I have a 20-year-old chemical engineer graduating from the University of Minnesota today! He graduated high school with 73 college credits. This is my second kid graduating with no debt."

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to HS4CC Academy

    2. About this Course

    3. About Homeschooling for College Credit

    1. Getting in is easy. Getting out is hard.

    2. IPEDS Report 4-year

    3. College Statistics

    4. College Navigator Tool

    5. On-time Graduation Rates

    6. U.S. News & World Reports

    1. #1 Reduce Cost

    2. Out of State Dual Enrollment List

    3. #2 Reduce Debt

    4. Dual Enrollment in your State

    5. #3 Reduce Time and #4 Parental Guidance

    1. Transfer Student Myths

    2. Freshman or Transfer?

    3. True or False?

    1. College Credit by Transferability

    2. Credit Acceptance Chart

    3. Categories of Credit

    4. 2 Buckets

    5. One Size Does NOT Fit All

    6. Your Family. Your Goals. Our Strategy.

    1. Which Comes First?

    2. 5 Ideas for the 1st College Credit

    3. True or False

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