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  • Goal: Enroll

    A college's goal is to enroll students. Enormous dollars are spent on marketing and propaganda to make the process feel emotional.

  • It's "good debt"

    Financial aid advisors don't advise. They help you apply for loans! We believe the money spent on education is a good investment, but it can be done without debt.

  • Graduation?

    Colleges benefit financially when they KEEP your student enrolled as long as possible. Sadly, it takes most students 6 years to earn a 4-year degree.

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Degree Planning and Completion

Our best 1-hour courses

The Top 3 Recommended Colleges

Course 1

Before you borrow $100,000 or more for an accredited college degree, let me introduce you to The Big 3. When planned our way, you'll pay less than $10,000 for an accredited bachelor's degree! Choosing one of these 3 colleges allows you the ultimate flexibility to fill your degree requirements with courses that fit your budget and lifestyle!

The Most Important Class: English Composition

Course 2

Getting "write" down to business, becoming a confident and competent writer in college is important. It's no wonder that English Composition is a required course for every degree at every college. You'll find the most effective options for students of all ages and levels of ability.

How Much Math?

Course 3

Don't let a college math requirement derail your dream of a college degree. In this class, you'll learn how to choose a college and major that enhances your love for math, or avoids it like the plague! Very little high school math is needed to earn a college degree, we'll show you how to plan your high school program accordingly.

The Next 9 Recommended Colleges

Course 4

Many students want to spend some time on campus, but parents want them to avoid student loans. In our "Next 9" course, you'll dive into 9 colleges we think you should consider. These 9 allow you to Homeschool for College Credit for most of the degree, and complete your last year as a traditional student taking classes online or on-campus.

Avoiding Mistakes in Science

Course 5

Choosing the wrong science course can mean a disaster for your degree. Science courses take a lot of time and are among the most expensive! Mistakes in science can add 1-2 extra years and tens of thousands of dollars. In this carefully constructed course, we'll teach you how to choose the correct physical and natural science courses for your teen.

Meeting Your Humanities Requirements

Course 6

We'll take you on a whirlwind tour through over 200 fine arts, literature, philosophy, foreign language, and religion courses available for college credit. Whether looking for fast or robust, flexible or structure, budget-friendly or top-of-the-line, there are options for your family.

Parental Guidance Suggested: Social Science

Course 7

The social sciences are filled with provocative courses that discuss sensitive topics. Based on your teen's age and maturity level, we'll help you oversee the careful selection of these courses with wisdom and discernment.

The Associate Degree

Course 8

An Associate Degree can be the educational feather in your teen's hat or an expensive distraction from your educational goals. We'll address the 3 snags most parents encounter, and you'll confidently determine if -and which- associate degree is right for your teen. Includes associate degree plans for Charter Oak State College and Liberty University.

The Bachelor's Degree

Course 9

The degree everyone wants but only 50% of students complete. We'll help you craft a masterful exit strategy from your homeschool that culminates in the completion of a degree and high school diploma simultaneously.

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