• Sandra

    "My 17-year-old graduated high school this week with 42 college credits. All of your detailed information and advice made it possible. Thank you so much”

  • Kristen

    "Just want to say THANK YOU!! Without your guidance, we wouldn’t have achieved what we have. My oldest is 3 classes away from her associate’s degree"

  • Rena

    "I have a 20-year-old chemical engineer graduating from the University of Minnesota today! He graduated high school with 73 college credits. This is my second kid graduating with no debt."

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Jennifer’s professional work inside the system for 20 years inspired her to start advocating for parents outside the system in 2012. Each year, Jennifer teaches tens of thousands of homeschooling parents how to make the most of their teen's high school career through resourceful high school planning.

Homeschool Specialist | Former College Administrator | Non-traditional college credit expert | Homeschool Advisory Committee Member at multiple colleges

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, MS

Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S.

Questions? Email me at cookderosa@hs4cc.com

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Reviews from Parents & Students

“I love what you do. You changed my whole trajectory and helped me craft something unique and protective for my kids.”

“In about 12 days the family is off to see my oldest graduate from the Harvard University Extension School. This simply would never have happened without the early positive feedback from Jennifer. It was really a dream come true.”

“There are few people in life that you encounter that you’re pretty sure are angels sent from God. You’re one of them, Jennifer! Thank you!”

“My 17-year-old graduates brick-and-mortar high school this week with 42 college credits. I would never have had the courage, or knowledge, to challenge the local school district’s normal path through high school. All of your detailed information and advice made it possible. Thank you so much!”

“I appreciate that you have dedicated so much of your time to helping families get their kids through college without debt, so I wanted to let you know that I have found great success with the methods that you have shared. I am so excited to see what the next chapter of my education brings!”

“I was so inspired by Jennifer’s personal story I, too, completed a college degree alongside my daughter. Jennifer’s work literally changed the trajectory of our lives.”

Reviews from Professional Education Clients

“Jennifer understands the highly complex and ambiguous systems that connect homeschool learners and families to college and university learning opportunities throughout our nation. She is an exceptional thinker and collaborator. She provided a great deal of insight, advice and counsel to our staff as a way to make our institution more attractive to homeschool families.”

“Jennifer is that rare combination of someone who is highly knowledgeable about complex issues, yet able to simply explain those issues to people who are new to them. Her breadth of understanding about homeschooling and non-traditional college credit is formidable, and she should be considered one of the top experts in these areas. Highly recommended.”

“I have been a Homeschooling Dad for 20 years. In addition, I work in Higher Education. I’m an Associate Professor and serve as a Peer Reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission and the American Council on Education. These qualifications put me in a position as an evaluator of Higher Education. In my professional opinion, Jennifer Cook DeRosa is THE foremost authority on Homeschooling for College Credit in the United States. ”

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