Course Syllabus

Homeschooling for College Credit

    1. Welcome to HS4CC Academy

    1. Intensive?

    2. HS4CC Template Build Info

    3. Lesson 1 handout

    4. Lesson 1 video

    5. Learning challenge

    1. Lesson 2 handout

    2. Lesson 2 video

    3. Check your understanding

    1. Lesson 3 handout

    2. video 3

    3. True or False?

    1. Lesson 4 handout

    2. video 4

    3. Challenge yourself

    1. Lesson 5 handout

    2. video 5

About this course

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“Your session was insightful and appreciated! Thank you Homeschooling for College Credit for all the knowledge and resources!!!”

“So helpful!! Jennifer is the best!”

“"This was awesome! Thank you for putting this class together and sharing it. You are amazing!"”

“Well worth the time and money for the class! I’m now at peace with this task. I’ve made my template and have the high school classes he’s already taken filled out. I'm ready and prepared. Thank you!!!!”

“"The information you provided was excellent. Thank you!"”

“I just wanted you to know that you and your staff are doing great work for the homeschooling community. Thank you for all the options you continue to open up to us. A breath of fresh air!”